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Our Story

Up until 2004 we lived 30 minutes south of the Michigan border, 3 hours east of Chicago and deep in the countryside farmland. Our Amish family drove horse-drawn buggies and explored the 70 acres of lush farm land, creeks and woods.

In our big white house we celebrated Christmases, had traditional Amish church, went on first dates and made delicious baked goods. In 1997 Heartfelt Creations was born in a tiny corner of the dining room. The three kids, Emma Lou, Ellen and Harlan would peep around corners as customers browsed around the tiny selection of stamps and card making products.

In 2004 we left the Amish lifestyle and took the business along with us. It was Linda’s (the mom and CEO) baby as it still is. Today Heartfelt Creations is still family owned and most designs and products are hand drawn and hand made as they were in 1997. We are artists creating art from the heart. We are scrapbookers preserving precious memories and celebrating life's special occasions. We are cardmakers touching the heart with timeless style and elegance. We are designers of beautiful moments.

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